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MortgagebotLOS Review

The vendor specialist assigned was great to work with. Since going post-release, response to tickets has been slacking.

PhoenixEFE Core

New owner is investing in the product and its support

Weak planning and unrealistic expertations resulted in a challenging conversion and a lot of unhappy users. Since D+H acquired Harland they have dramatically improved the product and their support.


Good software for small to medium banks

Went through a lot of ownership changes during the early years whihc affected the ability to focus on the software. However since 2010 it has settled. The platform is stable. Slow however to implement new functionality. Great API which allows our company to overcome some of the restrictions. Would be good if the API were more comprehensive however. Also would be good if the management was more open to greater agility and willingness to take a little more risk with the product in terms of the pace of introducing new functionality - don't wait until 90% of your customer base is ready.