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SilverLake System

Implementation was Difficult. Using the core is even more difficult. Stay away!

Jack Henry gave a great sales pitch. However, it has turned out that a number of the services they indicated would be fully integrated in an easy to use GUI, are not actually integrated. The interface is clunky, difficult to learn, and difficult to use. Additionally, Jack Henry has consistently stated that the functionality we are looking for and should be standard for a core, all require custom work that has a one time up front fee and a monthly recuring fee. Jack Henry is inflexible in their terms and contracting. If we had known all of this prior to signing contracts, we would not have migrated to the Jack Henry core.

SilverLake System

Implementation was labor intensive and Jack Henry support and products need improvement.

There was a disconnect from Sales, and what was promised versus what was delivered and actually received. New software that was used in demos is still in development and hardly used on a daily basis. Using Jack Henry's old interface since the new software is not ready. This old software was very briefly shown in the demos. This was very misleading. Also, we purchased a hosted solution and found out during setup and after contract signing, that many items needed to be installed in-house/on-prem in our data centers and/or offices. The Jack Henry integration support needs improvement. The Jack Henry products are very silo'd and don't talk to each other. Each support staff only knows one product, but not the other products in the other silos.