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Expressway, MX Series, Video Communications Server

Implementation was easy. Firewall traversal was a bit of a challenge out of the gate

By far I have found Cisco/Tandberg's VTC portfolio to be superior to the competition in almost every facet with the exception of cost. With that being said Cisco has begun rolling out new endpoints that I would deem more cost effective while maintaining the ease of use and reliability I have come to expect from Cisco video products. The only challenge to date we've had with Cisco is its inability to natively interop with Microsoft products (Lync, Skype for Business). They have rolled out a few different options for accomplishing the interop and recently purchased another company (Acano) to expedite the solution delivery. It should be noted that Microsoft is a non-standards based solution went it comes to video and ultimately the difficulties with interop, in my opinion, lie more with their decision to both continue using non-standards based protocols and to heavily partner with Polycom (one of Cisco's largest competitors in the video space). All in all, though I think the interop issues will eventually be solved as more hosted and hybrid options come available (including Cisco's Spark platform).

Collaboration Meeting Room

Much more scalable VTC conferencing solution

The solution delivers what we expect. The implementation is straightforward. We were able to deploy the solution on our own with very miminum assistance from the vendor. The license management with CMR is much easier than the legacy VMR.

Telepresence Server

Cut down the traveling cost and speed up decision making.

Good quality of product and service. It is a little bit pricey.