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RealPresence Group Series

Excellent implementation and performance; needs better implementation with new technology

Equipment has worked as expected - implementation went well. Polycom has not proved to be as responsive as some vendors in adopting newer technologies - modifying our existing equipment for use with new UC systems has not been very effective.

HDX Series

Polycom HDX 7000 allowed it to happen...

Polycom has always been great to work with. Their warranty support is top-notch

RealPresence Group Series

"Polycom video endpoints enable easy video collaboration with our remote sites"

Excellent! The Polycom group series devices have become Skype video endpoints in our environment which improves collaboration and simplifies the process for our employees.

HDX Series

Enterprise Video System Implementation

HDX Units were relatively easy to setup. The infrastructre components are tough to integrate into a large scale enterprise networks, having top level leadership to provide necessary resources are key, more importantly - they need to truly be onboard with the implementation and rate it as a strategtic priority.

RealPresence Trio

Nice product with bad documenation and little Polycom back end support.

The Trio while a high quality product it is not well integrated into the Polycom platform. It rather is designed to be integrated into your esisting PBX platform and to run independantly from the Polycom back end systems.

RealPresence Group Series, RealPresence Trio

Just short of a turn key solution today with a promising road map

Polycom shows a promising roadmap that will allow customers to leverage existing investments in Office 365 Skype for Business to expand the capabilities in their group conferencing environments. The simplified workflow and familiarity with the Skype interface shows potential to accellerate adoption of these technologies within our company. There have been challenges with bridinging the gap with Microsoft/Polycom especially with off premise Skype for Business implementations. The performance of the media sharing is the largest gap at this time. Expect to have a hybrid on/off-premise Skype for Business architecture for the next 12 months while Microsoft and Polycom work to deliver on their roadmap.

HDX Series

"Love the functionality of the Eagle-Eye camera tracking system."

Polycom HDX systems are very reliable and we have adopted to be our enterprise solution for VTC.