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Product is very stable and support for issues was easy to work with.

Their service and support are very helpful and the updates are timely and their product works well.


Vidyo Allows Us to See: High-Quality & Cloud-Based Video Collaboration

The vendor experience was excellent--they listed to our requirements (both current and future needs) and responded with the appropriate solution.

VidyoConferencing, VidyoDesktop, VidyoRoom, VidyoVoice

Functionality is robust, but long implementation and sweep learning curve

Much longer and bumpier implementation than anticipated, but we're close to being smoothly deployed across the org now. The functionality is pretty good.

VidyoConferencing, VidyoDesktop, VidyoDesktop Virtual Edition, VidyoMobile, VidyoRouter, VidyoWeb

high-quality enterprise-grade videoconferencing platform, you pay all the quality you get

High-quality technical architecture and technology platform to deliver video conferencing through multiple endpoints. the platform is solid and really flexible in terms of endpoints, but quite costly. some difficulties in scaling the service down to small numbers, to fit the launch of a new product. and very limited support from the vendor on the technology and how to integrate it into the product. Good support from the service partner.


Implementation was very easy, the training to end users fast and efficient

The product is magnific. The demo period shown us the power of Vidyo in terms of High definition, fast deployment and easy use.



Our people do the technical installation, any kind rooms and software works as promise

Easy to use and good with our limited bandwidth

VidyoCloud, VidyoConferencing, VidyoMobile

Our Vidyo implementation has initiated a culture change within our organization.

Our overall experience has been positive. We the ease of use of the Vidyo solution and the cloud and appliance based approach the Vidyo takes. The one area which could be improved is the recommedation of high quality / reasonable cost Camera and Speaker options for various size conference rooms. We have had to adjust some of our initial hareware purchases to better suit the conference rooms in question. Strong guidance from Vidyo could have avoided wasted time and $$ in our inital roll out.

VidyoConferencing, VidyoDesktop, VidyoRouter, VidyoWeb, VidyoWorks

Implementation was as expected, and additional functionalities were required.

The core capabilities of the product are strong compared to competition. Quality of video is very good. It is integration friendly, and very adaptable to real-time network condition. The vendor has strong pre-sales support engineer who have deep expertise in the product set and in networking. The product set has gaps, particularly in the area of operational readiness, but still manageable. Post sales support expertise provided to assist impelementation was not consistent, and required vendor escalation management to keep problem resolution on track.

VidyoConferencing, VidyoDesktop, VidyoMobile, VidyoRoom, VidyoRouter, VidyoVoice, VidyoWeb

Implementation was easy and the technology works great!

Vidyo has been a great Vendor and their product speaks for itself. The cost and capabilities are great and can even work well on a small budget. Being part of an international organization, they have been able to meet every need.


Vidyo solution extensible but only through 3rd party reseller

complex go to market, dynamic solutions.