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Adobe Experience Manager

Worked as expected

Authoring experience is very robust. Deployment was also very smoothe. Talent pool is adequate. Good ecosystem of vendors/plugins.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe AEM Assets 6.2 Implementation w/managed hosting went great, being adopted by users

Worked with all aspects of Adobe partnership, Hosted services, Global Services (Implementation and of course the product itself. I found Adobe to be attentive and responsive to my needs. The product is feature-rich and was a huge improvement over the past asset manager. It is a stable product but there seem to be more small bugs than I would expect from the 6th version of this product. Implementation was smooth, hosting and move to production was easy and Adobe team professional and responsive.

Adobe Experience Manager

Smoke and Mirrors After Product Implementation

The product was sold using experts with design and implementation but the support after the initial installation was sorely lacking.

Adobe Experience Manager

Taking us to the next level

AEM is a best of breed platform that we knew we could leverage to drive better results and save cost over a long-term.