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DNN Platform

Fairly Easy implementation

So far we have received the support we have requested and the system works pretty intuitively.

DNN Platform

The wanna be community.

It is peddled as a mixed source project with a community and hundreds of pluggins. I've been entirely disappointed on that end. It's community is what ever Microsoft can force it's employees to create. What pluggins exist are usually not functional in the latest version. Similarily, guides to write pluggins are also usually for previous versions and no longer work.

DNN Platform, Evoq products

Great end-user adoption

Overall good. Integration with Azure has been problematic

Evoq products

Open Source that requires hiring a programmer(s).

The process slows down productivity.

Evoq products

DNN support was good, but patching DNN and doing server migrations were complex tasks.

DNN were very good to work with - we opted to use a licensed version of the software rather than the open-source release, and professional services as well as client services were very responsive. We ultimately chose to move off the DNN platform but this was due to the desire to consolidate some technologies, mainly a move to a LAMP stack running Drupal. We found the process of migrating from one server environment to another to be quite a bit more complicated with DNN than with Drupal, as was performing security patching and updates.