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Drupal Portal

Successful Deployment

The vendor was very professional and knowledgeable was very attentive to our needs, schedule and customer base.

Drupal Portal

Vendor selection and product a win-win for the City of Baltimore MOIT.

The vendor was new to local City of Baltimore gov operations, however, a level of trust and understanding was developed as the project progressed and requirements were gathered. Overall it proved to be a very choice of product as the vendor has the knowledge and expertise to deliver and exceed expectations.

Drupal Portal

Drupal Rocks!!

Drupal in general has a very large user community. Anything you need - there's an answer somewhere. Developers not only found info they needed online in forums, but by directly communicating with other developers. Overall, very happy with the outcome of this project.

Drupal Portal

Great CMS features and a good number of plug-ins to speed up modern web site deployments

Drupal alllowed us to very quickly develop a CMS based web site template with multiple features that could be very quickly customized to deploy very quickly web sites for our Directorate generals and other stakeholders. The OSS approach with a strong community behind was very important for us

Drupal Portal

Challenging and steep learning at first, then smooth operation.

Drupal showed as a very capable platform, but also had a steep learning curve which resulted in project delays and scope redefining. We had next to zero problems with internal bugs. The Drupal platform showed as stable and very reliable.