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IBM WebSphere Portal

Efficacy experience of websphere

Overall it added value to our business and operations.

IBM WebSphere Portal

implementation easy. Some bumps in the road.

Overall it was a good experience.

IBM WebSphere Portal, Other...

As always, implementation was easy with extensive vendor documentation from IBM..

IBM is the leader in middleware solutions specific to Portal, Commerce, MQ, and Application server. As such the product maturity was never in question. Also, from an implementation perspective, IBM's assistance was solely limited via ticket/help/PMR. Internal resources were experienced from earlier engagements and were leveraged and therefore overall experience from scoping, planning, installing, configuring, delivering, and production support did not introduce any roadblocks.

IBM WebSphere Portal

Learning curve was a bit steep. but works well with CI and other environment.

well proven system for Java development environmnet. works well with Maven, Nexus, RTC

IBM WebSphere Portal

Like a woolly mammoth without a trainer...it has potential, but mostly requires attention.

Upside: user personalization, flexible/configurable. Downside: complicated, large product that threatens to drain money and time from an IT department.

IBM WebSphere Portal

Migration to the latest version is supported by IBM.

Any problem we can open PMR and get support from IBM.

IBM WebSphere Portal

Product worked as designed and the vendor stood by us to remediate all issues.

We had a few technical issues in development environments, but IBM sent people in to work with us and help remediate. Other than that it was a very smooth transition.

IBM WebSphere Portal

Implementation was easy but take it slow!

The product is extremely dependable. Support was excellent during issues or failover process.