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Liferay Portal

Slick tool with great capabilities

The solution offers a platform of both custom developed solutions and a market place to purchase solutions.

Liferay Portal

Good Product for our Needs so Far

The program works well for our needs - providing access to all registered users on our Network to all our major files and Documents, such as RFPs, case studies, references, collateral, etc. However, I can't tell when a document has been simultaneously checked out by someone else and is being worked on, which could create a problem.

Liferay Portal

Solid portal with a lot of features.

The product works well, but there are sometimes bugs or issues that need to be addressed.

Liferay Portal

Easy Installation and configuration

Implementation was failry simple. Very friendly expericne with Vendor

Liferay Portal

implementation was completed, but with too much overhead in our team discovering bugs in s

Smoothly implementation, but several bugs in s/w found by our team and big delays in browsing searching in Portal.

Liferay Portal

Web Site Redux: Better with Experience.

A long learning curve that was difficult to overcome without substantial trial and error.