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Oracle WebCenter Portal

I do not recommend Webcenter Portal.

We won't even be using the portal piece now. We went a whole differernt direction.

Oracle WebCenter Portal

Implementation went well but stuck on a dead end technology.

We used ADF on Webcenter and wrote a custom framework application. Unfortunately Oracle is no longer supporting custom framework applications on version 12 of ADF so we are now stuck on a dead-end architecture until we invest in a major rewrite/migration effort. The actual implementation itself was quite successful but Oracle announced the end of support for that key feature before we even finished implementation. This is part of their effort to convince/force people to use Oracle cloud in place of local deployments.

Oracle WebCenter Portal

Enterprise portal platform

Webcenter Portal is an enterprise platform to surface all the relevent information from different systems.

Oracle WebCenter Portal

Oracle Web Center, not as easy as it sounds

Poor customer support. Buggy software, many missing features which wer expected.

Oracle WebCenter Portal

Horizontal portals are now a thing of the past

Worked well: Improved customer experience, stability and scale Could be improved: didn't get as much reuse as expected, also, front end technology changed and it was an overengineered solution

Oracle WebCenter Portal

Implementation required 3rd party vendor who was an expert with the product.

I came from a C# background and I found that WebCenter is a very powerful toolset / framework that does a lot of the work for you, and it has a very powerful IDE (JDeveloper) however it also has a very difficult learning curve and I would suggest anyone using it to get training. You pretty much have to do things the WebCenter way, too much customization or trying to think outside of the box usually ends with bad results. You really need to use the product exactly how it's designed to be used or you may encounter business. With an on-premises deployment the licensing does not make it very scalable, charging by the CPU and users.

Oracle WebCenter Portal, Other...

We had a few bumps along the way but ultimately created a robust Employee Intranet.

We struggled a bit at first as Web Center Portal was a heavy application. We have since migrated to spaces and found ways to incorporate angularization to improve performance.