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Training and Implementation was a bit difficult in our environment.

The Basic Product works well as Out of the Box. Building Current Business Processes took more effort than was projected. Had to accept some of their basic terminology such as Contact etc.


Salesforce has helped our business tremendously.

Salesforce has been an integral part of our business for three years and I believe it has helped us make decisions based on customers more efficiently since we've had this program implemented.


Take the time to plan for successful execution.

The integrator we used had many years of experience, which made the planning and deployment much easier. Very impressed with the overall platform.

Community, Other...

Magnet 360 made Salesforce bigger, better! Interface to SAP

we chost to use SF communities on top of SAP - saving millions of dollars vs SaP offerings. worked with Magnet 360 - an un believanle partner to do things not cinsidered by others.


It works fine, limit customizations

Only negotiated price with them, implementation was done by us and a partner


You are in great hands with Salesforce

Working with Salesforce is always a great experience. They are very knowledgeable, along with walking us through the entire process.


Product Functionality UnClear - wasnt sure if we really needed to purchase and write our

At time unclear if we really needed to purchase Community. Salesforce said we did but the 3rd party implementor said we probably could have written a web portal to accomplish the same thing to integrate with our back end SalesForce Platform


Great customer service, highly reccommend.

Overall experience would be a 4. Although we were very happy with the service and customer service there is always room for improvements.


Working with Salesforce Communities Was Awesome!!

Easy to work with and provided exceptional capabilities


Good if you're a salesforce shop. Not ground-braking.

The representative was extremely interested in the deal and was willing to adapt the product and assist in unique customizations in order to get the business. Once things were closed, however, they more or less disappeared. The product was, for the most part, decent for our needs, though not too innovative and lacking in some features. In the end, this was "good enough", especially given the deep SFDC reliance in our organization. Some of the competition was marginally better in terms of raw capabilities.