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SAP Hana Cloud Portal

Showing promise, but time will tell

Complex pricing model. Not very intuitive

SAP Enterprise Portal

We are very satisfied with SAP Enterprise :)

We contact/interact with SAP on almost day-to-day basis. They are very prompt in responding to our email(s)/ticket(s) on the portal. I do not remember the last time we had to contact SAP for an hourly/regular update for some major incident reported t them. We always get it before we could contact them. And not to mention, our clients too expect the same. We all in the business expect this class of operation, don't we? I'm very satisfied with SAP Enterprise.

SAP Fiori

Open up the Brave New World of Mobile on SAP

expensive but worth it

SAP Enterprise Portal

Near perfect front end and workflow tool

SAP BPM tool provided as part of SAP Enterprise Portal has been extremely useful to us and we are using this tool in several projects.

SAP Fiori

Speedup your approval processes

implementing Fiori is not only a technical but also a process transformaton. Nevertheless, when processes are revied, you really can speedup your approval processes by participating to it Anywhere, Anytime and on Any device.

SAP Enterprise Portal

Built a sports car that the organization needs to grow into

Support provided from beginning to the end of the project.