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Experience Platform (XP)

Best suited as CMS solution, requires deep product understanding for solid implementation

Sitecore provides excellent capabilities for marketers, but the key is the implementation approach and organisational product adoption. We had challenges with the internal IT group's knowledge base with Sitecore, resulting in a glitchy implementation and a lack of thorough reviews of vendor work (we used a third party vendor to implement the front end of the customer websites). I would also caution others on considering Sitecore as a broad solution for the entire marketing stack. Platform's analytics and email capabilities are not mature, it's best suited as a content management system, with other tools used to address different marketing needs: our analytics, email and decision engine are separate tools, which are integrated with Sitecore.

Experience Platform (XP)

Sitecore delivers a scalable CMS offering that grows with your business

Solid vendor, great support, expanding feature set that is -n-line with the needs of marketing.

Experience Platform (XP)

Sitecore Implementation Success with a Bonus Business Transformation Win

The transition to Sitecore was the single largest website change our company has ever made both in time, resources, costs and impact. It was a very scary move for everyone. Through the help of some highly trusted consultants and a thorough product review (and appropriate due diligence), we landed on Sitecore. We have been please ever since that decision. The entire process from beginning to end has been one of our most successful projects to date. And while we went into this project knowing that the how of website management was going to change, we never knew that would actually be the biggest win of the entire project. Even more than now having a robust, enterprise level CMS. That doesn't mean we didn't have any challenges. But, because of the team, we were able to overcome those challenges quickly and with minimal impact.

Experience Platform (XP)

Implementing new content strategy was easy. Fulfilling a multichannel strategy difficult

CMS works well. Marketing activities stil needs a lot of effort. But you will get there with help form an implementation partner

Experience Platform (XP)

Strong for Personalization and Multi-Site. Bring Implementation Partner in Early.

Strong roadmap and customer base. Consistenly pushing new features with stable releases. Depends entirely on 3rd part partners / agencies for implementation. At times causes relationship challenges.