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One Identity Manager

Simple Credential Management

Quest Password management is a simple program that performs its intended functions very well.

One Identity Manager

Stong feature rich solution with bumpy implementation experience.

The initial implementation project SOW for Dell Professional Services in 2014 understated the hours that would be required to successfully implement the target scope. The development of that SOW involved primarily the Sales and Pre-Sales subject matter experts at the time. Serious discussion of the scope and needed hours with experienced Professional Services resources did not take place until the beginning of the engagement. We had to reduce scope to try to fit into the allocated hours. However the project ran out of hours before the initial implementation could be completed due to a delay on our end getting the required HR database view functional. There was no additional budget available and we had to wait until 2015 to re-engage. Prior to re-enagaging, I had the opportunity to talk to the general manager of the business unit responsible for the One Identity Manager solution. He listened to our experience and committed to work with us to get our investment successfully into Production. Unlike the initial engagement, we had a meaningful discussion of scope and hours resulting in a reasonably sound enagement SOW. Dell also made an investment of hours. This second enagement resulted in a successful implementation in Production in March 2016 after about 5 months of collaborative effort with their professional services team. It was not bump free but some of the key issues were beyond Dell's control - e.g. key consultant suffering a medical condition the day before the project started that kept him off the project for almost 4 months. Overall Dell management was responsive in addressing issues as they came up.

One Identity Manager

Managing overlapping sources of truth is hard, no matter who you pick to help do it.

As a large, research university we have an incredibly complex use case with dozens of systems of record and mature expectations for what an IdM solution can provide. Quest software has done a good job rising to the challenge, but it was very difficult getting them to understand that we had a mature environment and needed them to help us navigate the product, not the principles of identity management.

One Identity Manager

Great tool, but plan your resources carefully to ensure complete buy in.

The system works well and is a very robust system for managing user identities. If you can imagine a workflow or process to manage, there is probably a way to achieve it with this application. There are several different pieces to install and work in daily, but they all mesh together well to create an automated flow reducing overall time for account management.

One Identity Manager

Solution is flexible enough, via mostly customization, to adapt to company needs

Very good relationship with sales and engineering team. Good support but sometime slow to answer Some difficulties to find and onboard an engineer for a ponctual expertise

One Identity Manager

very flexible to implement your requirements

Very flexible define processes which fit your needs it easy powerful out of the box functionalities

One Identity Manager

Implementation was straightforward with easy adaption by the business and IT.

The One Identity solution is comprehensive and covers all of the functional areas required by Internal Audit.

One Identity Manager

Implementation of IDM process never ends

The vendor was flexible from financial point of view. available during all implementation process. Support works great even with implementation suggestions and plans (usually it's not covered by standard support)

One Identity Manager

A challenging implementation but excellent results

The product was able to meet all of the promised functionality. When challenges were presented the vendor worked pragmatically to overcome the challenge without affecting the overall outcome or cost. We know have a great platform to improve compliance and significantly automate IT Asset provisioning. We are now planning what else we ould like to implement, not what we need to 'fix up'.

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Stable product

Product is very stable