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Enterprise Guardian

Overall good product, our integrations and some compatability to improve

Overall the software has provided the IAM abilities we have needed. We can accomplish Access Requests, Removals, Reporting, etc in the time-based fashion that is needed to meet our CIP Compliance Obligations. A few minor issues with some Java and IE compatibility issues and also some of our other software integrations have been a little challenging.

Enterprise Guardian

Great vision and we are almost "there"!

The design and requirements process was fairly easy, implementation was a little more challenging because we were also rolling out new physical access card reader system/servers at the same time.

Enterprise Guardian

Implementation was quick with exceptional vendor response

The implementation of the AlertEnterprise system went very smoothly and was a quick turnaround for any other large-scale implementation I've seen within my company. It took approximately 7 months from the time the implemenation started to the time that it went into production. The AlertEnterprise team was professional, helpful, and responded to questions very quickly.

Enterprise Guardian

Don't be afraid of integrating IT and OT identities to close your security gaps

As a chemicals manufacturing and distribution company with regulatory mandates for protection of information related to dangerous chemicals storage (CFATS) as well as food production (for our Hidden Valley brands) we needed a vendors that could bridge the gaps across multiple operational areas. Additionally, due to some audit findings, we also needed to improve our physical identity management. Our experience with AlertEnterprise was very positive since they had the experience of integrating across SAP as our main production landscape and they were able to deliver us an Identity and Governance solution as we requested running on AWS. The cloud deployment allowed us to start deploying the solution on the cloud for our Latin America operations and then bring the solution to the US over time with very little incremental effort. We felt that AlertEnterprise solution architects understood our environment and provide a high degree of professional services and integration experience.

Enterprise Guardian

Implementation was very easy. True view for access to all systems including physical sec.

The executive management team is extremely supportive and ensures success of the deployment. The support team is very agile.