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CA Identity Suite

Complex implementation & lackluster performance by vendor & system implementation partner

The project has been ongoing for longer than expected. Initial ineffectiveness of System Integrator and weak product expertise from vendor contributed to protracted implementation and minimal functionality delivered.

CA Identity Suite

The product is extremley difficult to configure and implement

The software vendor is primarily a sales focused organization with weak technical support.


Implementation demanded a lot of work and time, but the product offers useful resources.

The product’s integration with endpoints (authorization systems) is a strong point. In some situations, it lacks flexibility to implement specific business rules. We also faced some problems developing integration components for customized (internal) endpoints.

CA Identity Suite

Complex to setup but then rock solid and rather easy to operate

Complex to setup and complex to adapt to a full enterprise vision with decoupled architecture (to avoid future lock-in). Once installed and configured it is a very stable/solid product. With good partners we can achieve almost all what we expected.

CA Single Sign-On

Organization experience and stability

Good support and knowledgable engineers

CA Single Sign-On, Other...

Implementation was easy but connecting to Identity Manager challenging

Support was fine, Sales Engineering not as good.

CA Identity Suite

Challenging implementation, but tool functions as advertised

On the whole, the products function as required with adequate availability. Much of my personal experiience has been with upgrades and adapting the tools to a high availability architecture. With this model, we have achieved our availability goals. However, the installation of the tools is problematic and requires significant interaction with the vendor to get it to work. Our original installation was not on root, which confuses the installation and required a work around on our last few upgrades. Hopefully, CA will focus on strengthening their installation procedures.

CA Identity Suite

Very hard product to install and maintain.

CA product was very challenging to install and support! Difficult to maintain over time, and performance was poor. It's highly customaizable as a product but that also results in many of the features requiring java coding in order to implement. Installation and upgrades require vendor involvment becuase of complexity of installation.


Implementation in progress

Just started the rollout.

CA Identity Suite

Functionality is good, but adaptability and customer service are not the best.

Funtionality is good, but when issues arrose, customer service was not very responsive.