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Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Don't believe their claim of 'out of the box', no such thing, heavy on the back end coding

Overall our experience was challenging. We previously implemented the password management tool and our end users are still calling into our services desk. We then implemented the certification module. The pre-work takes about one to two weeks to set up the review cycle. The connector with AD was a challenge as we were told the AD connector was out of the box. However, we had to code for the termination process to actually remove the groups. We are trying to install T-sync but we can't get beyond testing.

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Access Assurance Suite not working as presented; Customer service is gone.

With retrospect, the purchase process is the only thing that has gone well. After purchasing the product in December 2014, Courion was purchased by an investment company with a portfolio of technology companies. This was the beginning of the frustration. The sales person was unreachable for at least 3 weks after I found the company had been purchased. The Courion professional services team was spun off to become Identropy. I entered into this purchase with the expectation of a partnership. During a status call, my team and I were debating on a possible resolution to an issue. Finally, I stopped the discussion to ask "who is on this call". After a quick roll call, several Identropy personnel were on the call. I asked why they weren't leading this discussion to provide recommendations based on their experiences during implementation. There response was "we are implementers and not partners. You have to talk to Courion about that." With this frustration, we continued with the implementation. Nearly 2 years after the initial purchase, the only piece that is currently in production is Core Compliance. The product isn't functioning as advertised. For example, there have been several technical issues with the AD, Peoplesoft and Office 365 connectors. I'm currnetly evaluating alternative products to replace Core Security. It is not meeting my needs and Core Security are unresponsive and not willing to work with me. I predict Core Security will eventually abandon this product line and focus on vulnerability management.

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Implementation planning could have been improved

The overall experience has been good. We are working through change orders that will provide all of the functionality we would like for our enterprise.

Access Assurance Suite (AAS), Other...

Implementation team needs to be involved in creating SOW to improve ability to deliver.

gfThe sales team and engineers to provided the POC were excellent and took their time to know our company, struggles, and goals. They made us feel very important and they seemed extremely knowledgeable and were a strong factor in our decision to move forward with Core Security. We have struggled with the implementation. Having the implementation team involved in the initial creation of the SOW and LOE for the different modules and deliverables would have made our implementation much less troublesome. The implementaton team disagreed with the hours the sales team had sold for the deliverables. This resulted in budget and scheduling issues from the beginning and we struggled to get communicaiton or commitment from Core on these issues. It appeared that Core turned us over to the 3rd party implementation team and greatly reduced their involvment in our account. We were unable to get clear communication from Core regarding release dates, updates and deliverables. It appears there has been a large and consistent amount of turnover at Core which has caused a great lack of consistency and issues with the quality of their products. Releases have been delivered with glaring bugs that should have been caught with basic testing. Compliance Courier has been implemented and it has improved the access reviews but the UI is outdated, there is a lack of reports and the notifications are universal. It would be beneficial to to be able to customize for each review cycle. Core has eliminated functionality from AI since our SOW was signed, it is now very basic with limited functionality, very rigid and little focus on target systems beyond AD. ARM also has an outdated UI and also lacks flexibility. Approvers are people, not roles or groups, and assigned to each entitlemen

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Too complex for a lean staff to maintain.

Specific engineer was knowledgeable and configured the product to our specifications while also following best practices. However, the tool is too complex and the amount of documentation is not enough for new IT staff to pick up and learn quickly.

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Great vendor experience.

Great customer relationship and commitment to meeting our requirements.

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Courion - Changed Engagement Model.

The Courion product required significant customization. This enabled adopting what features we needed, but also limited future growth as Courion changed their engagement model for implementation and maintenance (cut ties with a key third party vendor who) on us a few years after initial deployment. We've since had to re evaluate our solution, choosing to migrate to a new vendor and essentially reimplement.

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Courion - Murphy's law played out in IdM

Things were great until the acquisition by K1 Capital (just after software purchase)- since then people have left the company like rats off a sinking ship. Hoping to see a turn around soon.