4.5 out of 5.0 (6 ratings)
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OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM

Innovative Product

It is a good product and extensible. Solid architecture.

OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM

Secure, flexible with a great user experience for Customer IAM and IOT devices

The vendor was willing to develop new solutions for IOT security authentication for devices as well as helping establish a link between users/devices/experience. Support has been outstanding so far in the deployment, and the vendor partners have been able to accomplish their work very quickly.

OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM

ForgeRock Allowed us to think outside the box

ForgeRock has been an excellent vendor to work with. their products allow us to think outisde the box and extend them to fit our own needs.

OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM, Other...

Implementation was lengthy, but end results are promising

Products worked as advertised and allow for easy custom configration and scaling.

OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM

Good bang for the buck

Easy to work with, responsive but not always as helpful as I would like.

OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM

Support team is very responsive.

Product support are very responsive, and resolve support ticket in timely manner for project deployment on schedule.