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IBM Security Identity Manager

Customizable and flexible.

Overall experience was very good. We used it for 3 different populations - B2B, B2C, and internal. Flexible and customizable and met all of our requirements and needs. Support is excellent. You need an experienced staff to implement. The upgrades to major versions can be painful if you have customized the environment.

IBM Security Identity Governance, IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration, IBM Security Identity Manager, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

Product maturity is still a work in progress

Vendor delivery of feature and functionality that are important to the business. There were no commitment to timeline and concrete delivery dates. Feature availability were projected but some were missed.

IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence

The impelmentation was a strait forward journey.

The project collaboration was very good overall. Partially the vendor (CrossIdeas) did not understand the internal throughput times. Missing functionalities were created quickly and easily. After the Go-Live and since it is IBM, feature requests are no longer easy to submit or are closed with the comment "works as designed".

IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration, IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence, IBM Security Identity Manager

Technology and Approach were solid and complete, but double check your timeline

Strong technical support and product maturity. Extremely knowledgable service staff and architectural leadership. Strong reputation helped with Client Expectations and Oversight. Contract negotiation took a lot longer that expected.

IBM Security Identity Governance

The implementation was good and in line with expectations.

Interation was good in: - identifying good 3rd party system integrator who took care of the implementation - organizing few days of in house workshop with both IBM and system integrator to understand the solution Could improve: - the solution doesn't have modules to collect identity data from other IBM products such as QRadar or Cognos

IBM Security Identity Manager

Needs additional features, more flexible implementation approach

Strong IBM sales and handoff to implementation vendor; weak feature set and implementation limitations.

IBM Security Identity Governance, IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration, IBM Security Identity Manager

Functions are well designed

The functions are well designed. The upgrade is easily to handle with. The cost for education is acceptable. The service is good and support is strong.

Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

Customization heavy, but that's what you need in IAM

Excellent product, lots of customization required

IBM Security Identity Governance, IBM Security Identity Manager

Consolidation 2 major federal departments & creating a single identity managment system

IBM has been willing to provide guidance and technical support through the design phase which helped guide our end solution. They have provided high quality resources to work on the project and been flexible throughout the whole time. The client executive has been easy to work with and alway willing to do anything that will assist in the delivery and reviewed our licneing arrangement to provide the lowest cost possible and provide options to purchase IGI within the current licencing arrangement at the best cost. throughout this project I have been impressed by the work done by IBM to support DIBP sucessfully delivering all project milestones to date.

IBM Security Identity Governance

need of a deep organization study, make attention on target systems interfaces and rules

Positive aspect: better and faster user provisioning, overall control of accesses and used, no more exception on rules negative aspect: need organization review, no more exception on rules, lack of flexibility