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IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration, IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence, IBM Security Identity Manager

Technology and Approach were solid and complete, but double check your timeline

Strong technical support and product maturity. Extremely knowledgable service staff and architectural leadership. Strong reputation helped with Client Expectations and Oversight. Contract negotiation took a lot longer that expected.

IBM Security Identity Manager

Needs additional features, more flexible implementation approach

Strong IBM sales and handoff to implementation vendor; weak feature set and implementation limitations.

IBM Security Identity Governance, IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration, IBM Security Identity Manager

Functions are well designed

The functions are well designed. The upgrade is easily to handle with. The cost for education is acceptable. The service is good and support is strong.

Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

Customization heavy, but that's what you need in IAM

Excellent product, lots of customization required

IBM Security Identity Governance, IBM Security Identity Manager

Expanded product use successful, but performance tuning is required

Currently workig with IBM to further leverage Identity Insight to be used in screening all transactions for senders and receivers that are known fraudsters. Their ability to understand our challenges, transactional data, and performance considerations has been criritcal to getting solutions that limits the impact to our consumers and partners. They have been able to provide prompt and immediate support for Production issues.

IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration, Other...

Implementation was easy. Customizations help fulfill business rules.

ISIM product has a robust workflow engine which can be customized to fit in various business processed. With ability to write custom extensions in java, one can use it to call webservices, to send data to applications with custom identity stores. ISAM for eWeb is built for efficiency. It has low footprint and has hardly any overhead on transactions. ISAM and ISIM support is also excellent.

IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration

Implementation is difficult which requires lot of customization.

Vendor isn't engaged and partnering.

IBM Security Identity Manager

Implementation was cumbersome and many issues are still unresolved post go-live phase.

Post go-live support has been challenging.

IBM Security Identity Manager, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

Start over again if your vendor is bought out.

With the vendor buyout happening in the middle of implementation there was a lot of rework. Our QA environment was built with Lighthouse but our production was built with IBM. We are still trying to get them.

IBM Security Identity Governance

Easy Implementation.

Great tool set, recommend for all size of companies.