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NetIQ Identity Manager

Easy to integrate to existing infrastructure

Very powerfull product!

NetIQ Identity Manager

Solid product for on-premises use, cloud strategy is vague at best

The implementation was straightforward and support from the vendor is very good. The product allows us to adapt to changing requirements in a fast and dynamic environment. We have some complex systems and specific customer requirements and this product adapts very well.

NetIQ Identity Manager

Upgrades are painful, support resources and documentation are lacking.

The initial implementation was a challenge, but we completed. Our current upgrade to 4.5.X is not going well at all. We are required to depricate the RBE method for provisioning roles. This means that we need to convert over 2,000 roles the the new resources format which is very painful process because NetIQ has no tools for their customers to do this. We are also having issues with getting the 4.5.X version of the user application to work with Oracle 12c. There are also issues with SSPR 4.0 and Oracle 12c, as well as browser connectivity issues through our loadbalancer. NetIQ support has not been much help, issues have been diverted to backline support and their developers. Because of this, we have been starting to look at other vendor's offerings.


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Always there when I need them.

There is usually something to complain about with a vendor, but I have to agree that NetIQ have always made themselves avaialble to us when needed. they have also been good when i reach out direct to individuals on thier team. I like their flexability

Access Review, NetIQ Identity Manager

From zero to implementation quickly and almost on budget.

They brought forth an excellent 3rd party consulting team, assisted throughout and maintained visibility of their roadmaps.

NetIQ Identity Manager

" Plan your strategy, review your business logic, deploy your solution"

We selected TriVir as our implementation partner, their expertise and knowledge of how to adapt the IDM product toour business processes was exceptional. NetIQ support was brought in as needed, any issues we presented them were handled very professionally.

NetIQ Identity Manager

Upgrades are lengthy, painful and time-consuming.

I've only been involved in the last year. The response time from the vendor has not been great. The tool is very, very difficult and time consuming to upgrade.

NetIQ Identity Manager

Simple design and implementation, but after-sale support and some product features lacking

Implementation was good, we engaged a consulting company to help. Support is lacking, and the reporting engine that comes with the product is inadequate.

NetIQ Identity Manager

Rock solid IDM. Worry they might be being left behind.

Solid IDM product. Seem slow to adapt to shift to cloud technologies. Also seems quite expensive.

NetIQ Identity Manager

Highly Capable Product if you know what you are getting.

The capability and functionality of NetIQ was something that we were looking for. We needed a technology that was highly customizable for a wide variety of uses. They are one of the oldest and most tested solutions out there so we felt the risk was minimal but the capability was almost unlimited.