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Okta Platform, Okta Single Sign-On

Mostly positive experience

The product has delivered on most promises, and our end users have been very happy with the SSO experience. However, their support division can be quick to pass the buck when dealing with issues.

Okta Single Sign-On

Implementation was Smooth and Easy

Other that a few hiccups with the service this year, the product has been flawless.

Okta Platform

OKTA is the Go-to guy!

OKTA works preety well. It works as the main hub to all needed applications.

Okta Platform, Okta Single Sign-On

Cost effective solution with easy initial setup and configuration

Effective pre-sales consulting engagement to design the right product configuration for our needs

Okta Platform

Okta Identity Management is the way to go

The onboarding process for okta was a fairly simple one, we were able to get on track without a lot of technical issues occuring

Okta Single Sign-On

Great investment

the vendor went above and beyond to ensure that the completion date and all of the needs were met

Okta Platform

best interface for mobility

The onboarding process for this system was a easy transition for the company

Lifecycle Management, Okta Platform, Okta Single Sign-On

Implementation was simple, enabled user experience and support improvements

Okta enabled the institution to transision users and 10 application to single sign on and provisioning. The goal was to improve user experience and security. We found Okta to be simple and easy to use, and it certainly lived up to the sales pitch. Support was also exceptional during the traisition. Whilst we used an implementation partner, we also used internal staff to do the majority of the technical and change management work. This enabled us to use our implementation partner for advice and guidance during the planning and execution of the change. With the transistion we only had 0.4% support calls, a very good outcome for the organisation and the technical teams involved.

Okta Platform, Other...

Good product and API, poor support and communication

We mainly used the Okta API and the corresponding Java SDK to implement a vendor agnostic Identity and federation solution for our clients. The API was easy to use, but lacked some functionality we needed. We opened feature requests over half a year ago and none of them got any attention. They strongly suggested we used the Java SDK, which they hardly ever update, so we ended up forking the repository and creating pull requests to fix bugs or to update the SDK to match the REST api. None of our pull requests got merged. We ended up building and maintaining our own version of the SDK, which defied the initial purpose of contracting Okta. The technical person assigned to our account had no clue about our application although we explained and sent architecture documents multiple times. He kept mixing up with a different account and wanted to talk about something completely different. We sent questions in advance of our calls, but whenever we had the calls, they were unprepared and just said they were going to get back to us with an answer (although they had probably a full week to prepare). We stopped having regular calls with them for these reasons.

Okta Platform

Robust infrastructure inching towards enterprise-grade solution

A positive experience overall. Some challenges came to light as we implemented their platform solution which we would not yet consider enterprise-level due to lack of support for multiple locales and limited flexibitlity of their two-dimensional user attributes model (preventing the definition of structured multiple permission sets for a given user). That said, the accoutn and sales teams have been quick to escalate issues internally to offer us guidance and reach resolution where possible. A related challenge was the push for us to purchase professional services whenever we had questions on implementation due to limited documentation of their platform offering. Again, overall positive experience and robust infrastructure, just needs a bit of investment to bring their relatively new platform offering up to par.