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Omada Identity Suite (OIS), Other...

Data Map and application design solved the need and allowed for our own customization

Our particular company's architectural design was quite good. Implementation was good but not viewed as much so, by upper management due to game day rollout issues, that really were a product of unmanaged data of our own, and not the vendor's fault.

Omada Identity Suite (OIS)

Rich, rich product that continues to flex with our business needs

Our engagement with Omada was always centric on our sucess, not based on the relative ease or difficulty of the business process we described.

Omada Identity Suite (OIS)

Product is solid, superior auditing, but could be more innovative.

Project management and executive engagement has been exceptional. Omada is customizable to a multitude of processes to improve access provisioning. Development team has a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

Omada Identity Suite (OIS)

implementation is easy as long as your processes are well defined

product is fullfilling our requirements.

Omada Identity Suite (OIS)

The product offers great flexibility.

Basic workflows included, but with the abillity to customize to our specific business process needs.