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Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Upgrading from 9.x to 11g R2 - Step backwards in ease and compliance

Oracle was responsive to inquiries and issues due to the technical issues from their product.

Oracle Identity Manager

OIM best linked systems to help us provision multiple systems from one soure.

Support was slow and lacking from Oracle for us, and our 3rd party consultants. We basically beta testers for an implementation of that size. While there is lots of great documentation available, there is no one to really guide a person in how to best find what they are looking for.

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Time consuming with Oracle products - spend many resources to achive the goal

Time-consuming, spend too many resources for development

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager, Other...

Oracle toolbox is quite complete but hard to integrate in a legacy application context

Worked well: - Vendor executive level engagement - Local sales/pre-sales accompaniement and communication with the greater organization - Technical support services - Adoption of tool by managers across the organization for the accee recertification campaign (seemed natural and intuitive to them) Didn't work so well: - Software stack installation using the LCM tool was long and tedious to get to work - HA/DR topology in an active-active mode for OIM and OAAM - Customization of OIM for customer user-interface - Language management (french and english) in OIM libraries and screens - Non-integrated topology between OAAM and OAM (why to components and not just one)

Oracle Identity Manager

Power tool but lack of competent implementation help

The system is powerful but implimentation partners failed to provide adequite solutions.

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Plan, then execute.

Overall, the product is good and Oracle appears committed to improving it. Issue resolution with support is sometimes slow, and the complexity of the product is often a challenge. Having the right partner was important, as the implementation was not undertaken by us in a more thoughtful, planned manner, and having someone that could accommodate our approach was helpful.

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Immature product space, start small and manage business expectations

Experience has improved greatly. When we started, we had a very, very rocky relationship. At that time we used Oracle's consulting services and that was a disaster. We ultimately removed their consulting services, worked with another 3rd party vendor, and we were able to deploy our first implementation in 2015. We have significantly grown our relationship with Oracle around this product, to the point that they are considering our suggested product changes as part of their roadmap. Service/support has improved dramatically as well.

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

IAM programs are hard but with prep and the right product it's possible

The product did exactly as promised. We knew it wasn't going to be easy and we prepared ourselves for that fact. We spent a lot of time on preparation, data maintanence, processes and project management.

Oracle Identity Manager

Implementation of new version was successful with no major issues

Response from Oracle used to be faster in the past.

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Oracle delivers an outcome fit for my consumer story

Oracle have often proved time & time they engineer a good product. Oracle's solution integrates well with other various technology stacks - we scale upto 1M transaction on average per month