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Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Time consuming with Oracle products - spend many resources to achive the goal

Time-consuming, spend too many resources for development

Oracle Identity Manager

Power tool but lack of competent implementation help

The system is powerful but implimentation partners failed to provide adequite solutions.

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Immature product space, start small and manage business expectations

Experience has improved greatly. When we started, we had a very, very rocky relationship. At that time we used Oracle's consulting services and that was a disaster. We ultimately removed their consulting services, worked with another 3rd party vendor, and we were able to deploy our first implementation in 2015. We have significantly grown our relationship with Oracle around this product, to the point that they are considering our suggested product changes as part of their roadmap. Service/support has improved dramatically as well.

Oracle Identity Manager

Implementation of new version was successful with no major issues

Response from Oracle used to be faster in the past.

Oracle Identity Manager

OIM Should Be Avoided At All Costs, Literally

Extremely, excessively expensive. Return lousy, interface lousy, expected integration with other tools lousy, limit on flat-file loads was not known

Oracle Identity Manager

Great solution if you have the man power to configure / support the solution.

Using Oracle Managed Cloud Services worked well for implemantation, there were some implemenation problems (and for a suite of products this complex thats par for the course) but Oracle did finally deliver a stable platform. We currently provision / deprovision accounts into OID and AD, along with Exchange (on-prem)

Oracle Identity Manager

Need to decrease the complications in the product

There is many features which doesnt work with product.So every time need to upgrade the version.

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite, Oracle Identity Manager

Rough road to implementation, upgrade and maintain.

The Oracle Identity stack has lots of capability. However, that comes with high complexity and the tool was developed with integrators in mind. The availability of skilled people is also an issue.

Oracle Identity Manager


The biggest issues my team experiences as end users of the OIM tool is the response time. With PS3 upgrade, it has improved somewhat, but for the most part OIM interface can be very frustrating for our Security Analysts to use due to the slow response time.


Implementation was easy but had technical challenges with scale

OUD aims to be Oracle's unifying solution in the LDAP/Directory space. It aims to be a replacement to ODSEE and has features and capabilities of a Virtual Directory. It also is being certified to support Oracle applications exclusively using OID. Overall, our experience with the product has been very positive. The actual installation and deployment is relatively simple. Migration of data (especially from ODSEE to OUD) is relatively simple. There was some initial challenges with receiving suppor from the Vendor when we experienced challenges with deployment of OUD to be our premiere Directory Service for Identity (LDAP) aware applications. Service Requests through Oracle's MetaLink seemed to have some issues when it comes to assignment (to a technical agent) and hand-off (when the SR was being transitioned from one time-zone to another). However, we were able to work with the both Oracle's Support Organization's management chain and the actual OUD Product development team to have a more satisfying and engaging relationship (through a series of conference calls and webex sessions). We were able to gain the traction and visibility we needed to help resolve issues we had with the product and to be able to present the solution to our customer base. Both the support and product organizations within the Vendor were eager to work with us and provide us status and update to help resolve the issues we encountered. We were eventually able to present Oracle Unified Directory as our primary and preferred Directory solution for hundreds of (enterprise and custom) applications. We also were able to leverage OUD's Enterprise User Security (EUS) to provide IAM and account lifecycle management to our Oracle Database namespace.