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Implementation is not (obviously) not easy if you have a diverse auth environment

There are a lot of capabilities but also a ton of moving parts. This is not an OOB experience, we are highly dependent on the partnership with outside vendors to help us configure this product for our environment and needs.


Implementation easy and efficient

Was able to do initial deployment within 6 months of acquiring product. Had strong connectors for the resources we utilized.


Implementation was easy with a few catches / complexities in certain areas.

Satisfied from a product / solution delivery perspective.


Vendor support inadequate for smooth implementation

Available vendor resorces and documentation were inadequate and/or inexperienced in deployment


Great full-feature solution

Very well supported and great customer response.


Slow out of the gate to setup, but easy implementation to the enterprise.

IdentityNow certainly had growing pains throughout our implementation. Initially, things were slow and cumbersome, but SailPoint has come a LONG way in the past 6-9 months with regard to IdentityNow. Ease of deployment to the enterprise went smoothly.


Implementation was straight forward. We had to work through few software bugs.

Overall good response to open issues.


Ease of implementation and flexibility are key

Overall, the solution was up and running and replacing a widely used, extremely outdated, homegrown solution rather quickly. The learning curve was minimal considering the decades long tenure of the previous solution and a significant portion of the user base. The ability to fit a variety of transition scenarios into the tool (automated fulfilment for solutions that are capable, workflow management for sytems that aren't, and simple free form requests for solutions not ready for prime time) allowed for a more rapid adoption and sunset of the previous solution. Also, a faster socialization to the tool.


Easy to implement if you have your internal ducks in a row

Partnering with SailPoint was a natural choice. We'd rather pay a bit more for imlementation services so we could deal directly with the vendor, rather than spend less and work with a middle man. It was challenging as part way through the implementation our SailPopint Project lead left the porganization and little to no hand over of project happened. We ended up burning implementation time re-hashing almost everything concerning the project, however SailPoint did comp us that time back.


Very well designed and written with incredible extensibility and flexibility.

I never liked vendor products, but this one is my only exception. Very well designed and written with incredible extensibility and flexibility.