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SAP Access Control, SAP Identity Management

Implementation was wildly successful and Road Map includes multiple xAAS offerings!

Every issue has been acknowledged and remediated timely. New functionality which we requested was reviewed and approved for product delivminimizing custom development. The America's SAP User Group had an excellent product influence program. We did not find this with other vendors as we work with both CA and Oracle and they do not have this. Every consultant we used seemed knowledgeable of the application and helped us to be successful. We had no show stopping defects or go live surprises. Support and product quality seem to be the best of the tools on the market. We also liked the fact they were working on multiple cloud solutions to extend or automatically interface with this application.

SAP Identity Management

Could have done more with PowerShell

Support is lacking, this is a beast of a product, huge and difficult to manage. And, it does little. SAP is expensive to work with and support is terrible.

SAP Access Control, Other...

Implementation requires more business understanding as the technical side was far easier

Integration has worked well. Fiori apps for mobile approval aren't that great if not on HANA

SAP Access Control

Phased Implementation

We are doing phased implementation of GRC. The first phase was for implementing Firefighter and SOD reporting. Next phases included Role Redesign and provisioning. It still has some initial bugs but overall no major complaints.