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Google Search Appliance

Powerful tool, but scheduled for sunset before we could realize potential.

Setting out to use the Google Search Appliance, there was some expectation that it would have a long, and evolving, life. It met immediate needs, had flexibility to grow, but was declared end-of-life before we could capitalize on potential.

Google Search Appliance

Implementation and ongoing support was great!

Google Search appliance third party vendor assisted in initial setup and customization of the GSA. Fishbowl Solutions was instramental in getting this working for our customized environment with Oracle UCM product. Google support was used to help update the product and fix minor issues after the initial installation was complete. Overall the process was easy to work with both Fishbowl and Google. Continued support of the system is very easy to work with as well.

Google Search Appliance

Great tool that has many different applications

Great tool that has shown value in many different areas, some we did not even anticipate like an internal knowledge base.

Google Search Appliance

Quick to market search capability.

Very simple to purchase, install, implement and support.