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Lucidworks Fusion

The possibilities are endless in terms of what we can do with the product

The product is robust and has delivered the most functionalities in comparison to other software we evaluated.


Silk - Good cheap product for kibana dashboard but trying to upsell Fusion

They don't have a clear distinction between Silk and Fusion. Lots of focus was on upselling Fusion rather than serving the product we bought i.e. Silk

Lucidworks Fusion

Excellent product with strong supporting services

Lucidworks provides excellent professional services and has improved their Solr management over the course of our relationship. The APIs created through Fusion have helpes us cut time to market and allowed us to stabalize and scale our search-driven product. The only drawback has been the company's licensing structure which renews every year and can become costly as more nodes are added to the system.

Lucidworks Fusion

Implementation went relatively easy, well received by our internal customers

Our interaction with this vendor has been good overall. We were sold overall based on the support teams and what they provide in support of our internal deployment. We have been using the Fusion service integrated with our internal architecture and are pleased thus far with the functionality and design.

Lucidworks Fusion

Implementation was a breeze-due to their easy configuration and customization capabilities

Easy to configure and customize.