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robust platform with multiple features

Very professional and experienced. Quick learners and brilliant solution providers


Excellent product with growing feature set, expensive to support

Excellent, rich product, with continuously developing feature set, in many ways more than we need. Expensive, though, both for licenses and for professional services help. As others have written, a lack of expertise for hire is an obstacle.


Implementation is hard but usefull

It is hard to implement and knoiwlegde of Marklogic is hard to come by. But overal i think it wil bring value for the investment


Shortcut to Insights on New Data

We found MarkLogic to be the fastest path to insights on new data sources. As of today, we're faster at onboarding new data with MarkLogic than with traditional ETL or Hadoop.


A Database that is Functionally Unmatched

Have yet to release a production application, but have performed several high value proofs of concept and have proven that we will be able to deliver to market faster.


Marklogic is the best NoSQL database with unparalleled support.

I have never seen more hands on vendor support than from MarkLogic. We have access to a Sales Support Engineer by phone or they will send him onsite. The engineer knows our use cases and knows the MarkLogic software backwards and forwards. He has been instrumental in getting us over the learning curve so we can architect our own solutions.