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SharePoint 2013

Huge Benefits, Tricky getting end user buy-in

There is so much to SharePoint 2013, there it can be daunting. Since the new version of SharePoint is out there and because we are using an on-premise solution, it seems to be a bit difficult to find additional resources to learn more and to find resources that can be easily reproduced for staff. Sometimes the fact that there are so many different wants that one person can do the same thing is nice while also a double-edge sword. This is also true while working with 3rd-party vendors as each one seems to have their own preferred method of having SharePoint setup and their own suggested/comfortable architectural structure for SharePoint servers. I was brought in specifically for SharePoint and I continue to learn new things each day.

SharePoint 2013

With SharePoint Microsoft did us no favors by adopting last century's "folder" paridigm

Great product, solid collaboration features, more complex that it needs to be in order for effortless adoption by the end user.

SharePoint 2013

Library uses Sharepoint for Intranet

The product was stable and worked as advertised.

SharePoint 2013

One of the best product implementations I've worked on

Out the box functionality worked as expected. We were suprised at how well the deployment went. over 5,000 users impacted.

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 up and running

Some of the Microsoft engineers assigned to our tickets were absolute gems, and really seemed like they cared about our company's success. Some weren't and didn't. I really hope that the very best ones get recognition for their work.

SharePoint 2013

Good platform once configured.

Very difficult to implement in a limited way without dedicating significant time to educate the team. Plenty of gotchas; without Google & forums, this system would not have come up. I worked with MS Support for 40 hours and I ultimately ditched support (useless), blew away the farm, hired a vendor and started from scratch.

SharePoint 2013

Small scale SharePoint deployment for internal user to start with

no issues with SP implementation

SharePoint 2013

Relatively simple implementation of upgrade from SP 2010 to 2013

The project was an upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to 2013, used primarily for internal employees as an intranet. The newer version provided a much improved experience for the users, as well as many additional functionality and features.

SharePoint 2013

General Comments

The Sharepoint environment is great for quickly constrcuting a data reporting facility. It's built in features and ease of use make it a great application for both large and small organizations. The implementation of Forms could be improved.

FAST for SharePoint 2010 (F4SP)

FAST is dead - but was alive for a while

Good while it lasted