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Mindbreeze InSpire

Very easy and fast implementation.

- Easy and fast implementation - Very good cooperation - Good search algorithms - Customer needs oriented

Mindbreeze InSpire

Generally straightforward implementation with great support, but capture the knowledge.

Mindbreeze was completely focused on our success and meeting the targets within the frame needed. Some parts of the implementation were substantially more complex than Mindbreeze had budgeted, requiring effort going into weeks instead of days, but this did not jeopardise the critical path and Mindbreeze did not pass this cost back to us. Further, they demonstrated their value by also doing a general performance improvement on our frontend (which wasn't in scope, nor paid for, but highly appreciated!) The only shortcoming is in the documentation and training materials. Mindbreeze states repeatedly that they are a product company (and not a consultancy), but the amount of hands-on support we needed exceeded the expectation.