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Good product. Know your end goal in order to make informed configuration settings.

First sessions were on-site and then remaining were via web ex. While the system is flexible and our implementer would try to steer us with a specific configuration, we know what our end goal was and had the system configured as we wanted. You really need to understand what YOU want out of the application in order to get the configuration correct. Ask questions, then make your decision. We are tracking not only individual timebased projects but also ongoing support projects. The Innotas community is very active and our power user reaches out as needed or researches posts to find answers to questions.


Innotas Tool Review (used for SharePoint)

Overall, Innotas is a user a friendly tool


Easy to implement with excellent vendor support

Vendor was very flexible with its implementation plan to modify it based on our existing company knowldedge.


We are growing and adopting/adapting right along with our vendor Innotas!

Relatively easy to adopt, account reps. and support staff are very responsive, regular updates with improvements to functionality.