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What are Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software?

Integrated Development Environment software provides an interface to write code facilitating application development. IDEs provide programmers with tools to design, build, test, and debug software programs in a graphical user interface (GUI). The user can write and edit source code in the code editor. The compiler in the IDEs translates the source code into an executable language for the computer. The debugger helps examine the code to detect and solve any issues or bugs. Some of the IDEs have advanced features like refactoring, code search, data visualization, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools.

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"Incredible IDE for developers"

Visual Studio helps me complete my job by being a robust, extensible IDE.I can automate and integrate a lot of processes and manage data flow fairly easily and in a reproducible way. Some projects can take me around an hour at this point. A good portion of routine tasks are easy. Doing complete new-to-me tasks can take more research on how to implement, but it just depends if that's a Visual Studio thing or the coding language I'm using. Troubleshooting scripts inside of a package can be harder than scripting and debugging on another tool (that is build specially for that coding language only), but it's such a versatile IDE that it makes up for it.

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"A great alternative to traditional on device IDEs."

Used as a great online IDE. Alllowing for quick code changes and publishing. Development teams can create their own workspaces and manage them individually. Used to make changes to python scripts at the moment, but more than capable of other languages.

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"high level IDE"

i have been using this IDE for 5 years, it is the best complement when developing everything in python, it has many extensions which help to a better development and implementation of tools with which you work on daily basis, the code can be quite clean and the enviroment itself is very clean, it is also quite fast and does not take much memory space

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"One of the best IDEs available in the market"

Intellij Idea is one of the best IDEs I have ever used in my office. Every day I should code using this IDE. And I love writing Java code in this IDE as it provides very good cutomization feature where we can handle customise the layout of the entire IDE including background color etc. Their inbuild code alignment feature and compilation features are simply awesome. They support multiple programming languages including Java, python, Scala etc. Overall I felt very happy to use their product.

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"dbForge is an excellent database client that is intuitive and powerful"

Super useful mysql client. Intuitive to use and install. Excellent client.

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"Make this your Go to tool!"

The best IDE software specialised for easily creating software written in Go!

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"Highly productive tool for express development "

DevExpress is a proven platform for productivity and refactoring the MS Visual Studio components. Platform independent framework can be defined and designed using this product. Report generation and data analytical capabilities are the best in business. The UI is well designed for a seamless experience and provides rapid development and integration capabilities

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"Syncfusion is great for creating apps of all kinds for your organization"

Syncfusion is a great product to have and very easy to use. The app development tools Syncfusion provides is topnotch and once you use it, you won't look back.

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