4.4 out of 5 (30 Ratings)

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Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Easy implementation

It was easy to implement and get up and running

PowerEdge FX

Dell FX/2 Chassis with 2 blades servers with Dell's White Glove Sevice

Dell's White Glove Service was outstanding from the pre install to the post install. Very good with the documentation on the install and setup.

Dell OpenManage (Unified Management), Other...

Dell OpenManage Essentials works great for monitoring Production Hardware.

Dell OpenManage Essentials is a very powerful tool that allows us to manage/monitor the HW of our ESXi Hosts.

Dell OpenManage (Unified Management)

Powerful and cost effective (proceed with caution)

Software is a little confusing in its organization. There are a lot of potential moving parts if you adopt everything (ingest a feature at a time). Some of the operational restrictions are bewildering making workarounds a bit more complex.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX

VRTX Branch Office Ease of Use

We have had excellent support response, well within support agreement

PowerEdge Blades

Quick out of the box implementation

We have a stong history with Dell for services and were comfortable returning to make this purchase.

PowerEdge Blades

Dell took the guess work out of expanding our network infrastructure

Dell works well with SHI our software / hardware vender allowing us to get the needed information in a timely manner.

PowerEdge Blades

Implementation easy; quality server.

From a Vendor Management perspective, the VARs we worked with for the Dell Equipment provided the most competitive pricing, free ship, and fast delivery. Our technical team executed the implementation.

PowerEdge Blades

IT deployment to support next-gen technology in manufacturing

Overall satisfied with the solution. This deployment was able to achieve mission goals and helping to us to stay ahead in competition.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX, PowerEdge FX

Trusted vendor

Dell has always been the preferred provider for server equipment for their reliable implementation.