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Dell PowerEdge VRTX

overall good performance of products

overall good performance of products


Dell PowerEdge. Still robust, still reliable, but always an irritation to spec it out.

Dell is a good partner to work with, especially for smaller organizations. Since most hardware is more or less the same tech in a different wrapper, we've made our purchasing decisions based more upon warranties than upon performance. In this respect we haven't been dissapointed. We've had a lot of luck with them for support. Procurement, however, IS a problem. Their ordering process attempts to make build sheets simple, but instead creates a labrynthine and ill-supported decision tree.

Dell OpenManage (Unified Management)

Implementation was easily

Open Manage has reduced our possible downtown by alerting us quickly to all issues happening with our hardware. Being a 1 person IT shop and working on site only 2.5/days a week for the last 9 yeas; this technology is invaluable!

Dell PowerEdge VRTX

This vendor gave my team the ability to configure a converged system before anyone else.

The Dell VRTX was the first vendor product to provide a small-sized, configurable converged infrastructure platform. The price point was very compelling. We worked with our reseller not only to procure the hardware and software (HP's VSA replication software), but to unbox and image them to our team's specifications. They then shipped them to the Remote Warehouses and set them up. It was a great partnership which reduced our hands on work, but gave us complete control of the design.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Implementation was easy

Product works well but cannot be used to replicate to a second site

Dell OpenManage (Unified Management)

Installation was easy, but fine tuning alerts takes a lot of time.

Dell assisted us with reconfiguring an existing environment that was set up poorly. The new installation helped ease our monitoring and deployment of Drivers/Firmware/and BIOS.

PowerEdge Blades

Implementation was easy, but followup upgrades work was time consuming.

There was a mix of incorrectly shipped components and firmware was all over the place for a single order. We expected that firmware would be close to latest, but varied up to 5 generations back and at times was incompatible with other components of the order

Dell OpenManage (Unified Management), Other...

Quest - was Quest, then Dell now not Dell !

Initial install and support went well with implementing Quest Authentication tools Support was not fantastic after that. Now Dell rechuffles again and we have somewhere else to get support from.

PowerEdge Blades

The 1955 9th generation Poweredge server will be beyond your expectation

It is amazing that how the 9th generation server does to help us to improve our capability to manage data. The implementation is far smoother than originally expected.

Dell OpenManage (Unified Management), PowerEdge Blades

DELL is very committed to meet our satisfaction.

Support Staff very friendly and knowledgable