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EMC Vblock System

EMC vBlock converged infrastructure enables a simpler to deliver and manage on-prem IaaS

EMC vBlock technology has met all of our expectations from this product line. In chosing to not include the full automation software suite, we had some initial challenges getting the converged infrastructure running, but now are able to leverage it as planned.

EMC VxBlock System

Sales, Design, Implementation of great.

EMC is great to deliver through the sales and implementation cycles. They still have some kinks to work out on the support side of their business line.

EMC Vblock System

Product works great but when configuring the options are endless.

VNX5200 was a solution for virtualizing physcial servers to a VMware platform. We have purchased two other VBlocks in the past so using the VNX5200 for this smaller mission specific purpose was an easy decision. VBlocks a great all in one scalable solution.


VXrail, a very good hyperconverged solution for my datacenter.

Installation and training occurred in 1 day, EMC was very helpful in the install, including the physical racking of the appliances.


I need to consume, not buy, IT

Vendor is challenged with the acquisition by Dell


Initial implementation was a bit challenging but overall a good experience

We installed the unit in a branch office in Krakow' Poland. Overall the experience was smooth considering the product was very new. Our challenge was in the initial setup of ESRS and connecting to the ToR switches. After the installation, it is working like a charm. We are on 3.5 and are in the process of upgrading it to 4.0.

EMC Vblock System, EMC VxBlock System

New to VBlock

Many of the internal components do not work. Viper does not work as planned


The implementation was more difficult and challenging.

The implementation was more difficult and challenging. Knowleageable and experience VXrail engineer is difficult to find. We are hoping the system will be reliable.

EMC Vblock System

Nice Approach, Quick Implementation but lack of value-added after-sale support

Really like the easy scale-up and scale-out approach Vblock provides as well as the uniformed technical support we get from the vendor. With the support of the vendor, the project got implemented smoothly. However, It would be nice if the vendor could help us more optimize the environment and really unlease the potential benifits the system could provide, after it was in production for a while. The vendor offered an onsite reisident. Unfortuately, the gentleman we had was lack of advanced knowledge and experience, and thus was not very helpful.

EMC Vblock System

Vblock for datacenter/server refresh.

We worked with a VAR to purchase and install this product, but VCE was always there to answer any questions that our VAR couldn't.