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Vblock System

Marginal benefits from going with a vBlock

Still feels like support is coming from multiple companies; VCE, EMC, Cisco, Vmware, and now the 3rd party that helped install and handle our RCM updates, Ahead.


Implementation is easy once all the underlying pieces are in place

Setup was quick and easy once all the hardware/cabling pieces are in place. Spending time in the logical build document/interview will ensure build scripts execute properly. It was pretty mazing to have an "appliance" experience deploying a vSphere infrastruture with the storage integrated via vSAN. Still some things maturing, such as being able to rename some of the vSphere components, etc. Overall it has been a positive experience so far.

Vblock System

VCE - was the best of breed.

VCE support prior to the Dell acquisition of EMC was excellent and very customer focused. Since the purchase of EMC from Dell it is painfully obvious the support structure is Metrix driven and not customer focused.

Vblock System

Implementation was easy; no surprises. Performing as advertised.

No surprises; easy implementation

Vblock System


The HW implementation was fairly smooth however we had some challenges with software stack.

Vblock System

XtremIO and Vblock

EMC over sold the dedup capabilities of the XtremIO piece of this solution which has caused sginificant compications. They said to expect 5-1 dedup rates and actuals were 2-1 dedup rates.

Vblock System

Implementation was more difficult than expected but results are very positive

While the onboarding was a bit challenging due to integration challenges and a complex build, we are measuring substantial benefits in infrastructure delivery times and platform resiliency

Vblock System

Sales and procurement during further purchases can be difficult

During our decision making process, we were assured that the disk subsystem would run on SAS but when we received quotes, it was a combination of NL-SAS and SAS at the same price point. Working with VCE sales people was somewhat difficult. Quotes went back and forth several times and each time we were told that the price could not go any lower. We found the deployment to go well but hand off after deployment was poor. We didn't have a support number to call for weeks post implementation and our "advocate" was disengaged. In addition, no explanation of the management software was given, so we only managed the system using pre-existing, known tools. Adding new resources to the system has also been difficult to procure and deploy. Resellers don't always have a clear idea of how to order and hand off to the vendor for deployment and further support.

Vblock System

Stick with a good thing...

This was our second purchase of a VBlock. We were standing up a new data center and felt that the VBlock was the best decision to move forward.

VxBlock System

Excellent VDI Performance

While deployment was not as simple as advertised, the performance benefit for VDI workloads was exceptional