Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE OneView

Implemenation was easy!!

The overall experience with this application has been great. The application has helped to make management of infrustruture quick and easy

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

Implementation satisfied our needs

Overall experience is good

HPE OneView

Monitoring our Servers for free and set it up at one Morning.

The Setup was rapid and simple. The delivery as a fully working Virtual Machine is a very good and stable Solution. At the moment we are using only the free of Charge Version for Monitoring only. We have set up the whole System in one-morning session and have now a complete overview of the Health from our Servers including automatic Alerting Failures to us and also back to HPE. This ensures better Uptime and faster response in the Case of Hardware Failures at minimal costs.

HPE OneView

Vendor oversaw and support entire implementation

Point of Contact was knowledgable and provided valuable solution insights

HPE ConvergedSystem, HPE Hyper-converged Systems

Hyper Converged Slim Lined out Data Center

Vendor-assisted with our installation

HPE OneView

Simplified, consolidated administration & monitoring action wizards

Easy to implement and maintenance of all the components of converged infrastructure

HPE OneView

OneView is good for hardware alerts, but the remote support function not working well

The intention of my organization using HPE OneView 3.0 is because we wanted to replace HPSIM for hardware monitoring purposes. We are also actively using OneView Remote Support (automated hardware escalation). Application browsing speed is still acceptable at the moment as there are only less than 200 devices registered in OneView. In terms of hardware monitoring alerts, OneView works quite well and should be able to serve most organization needs, however the Remote Support function leaves much to be desired. The devices are registered in their remote support portal to a default country based on the registration saved in the settings. This poses a problem if some of the devices are elsewhere not in the default country. Issue is already escalated to L2 support and pending for status update.

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

Easy to Implement and Maintance

Fast response

HPE OneView

One-view 3.0 easy installation and implementation

Where was no help from the hardware vendor, the installation of Oneview 3.0 was done in-house with the HPE oneview installation guide, installation was a walk in the park, very easy to install and manage

HPE Hyper-converged Systems, HPE OneView

automated IT operations, all at 20 per cent lower cost

New solution offer customers installation in minutes, a consumer-inspired simple mobile array user experience, and automated IT operations, all at 20 percent lower cost.