Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE Hyper-converged Systems, HPE OneView

Stable platform, poor setup documentation, slow support response, many issues with setup.

Product setup documentation poor. Local SE experience on the product relatively new. Tech support was not very timely in responding to my issues. Setup wizards did not trigger automatically as expected from the documentation.

HPE SimpliVity

SimpliVity cluster provides great solution for multi-site in-house app with SQL backend

SimpliVity provided full access to knowledgable technical people rather than pushing a diluted message through sales staff. Our confidence in implementing this solution increased based on direct answers an demonstrations from technical experts.

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

East to learn easy to transition

Coming from the older Enterprise virtual connect software and having to learn the OneView technology was the biggest and most diffucult transision learn. Once you undeerstand that learning newer technologys within OneView is easy. The small benifit is the clean transitions from the old to the new. In our migration we had moved to brand new hardware so I did not transform existing hardware in place.

HPE OneView

Nervous at first but was worth the conversion

Working with HPE has been a good experience. We had bugs in the early release of the product but they were good to inform customers and realse updates.

HPE OneView

Implementation and administration easy and intuitive

We implemented version 2.0 of the product, purely as a hardware provisioning, firmware management and monitoring tool. The ease of it being a vitual appliance with a web interface is what really made a difference in our environment.

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

Provides Centralized Management for the Entire Infrastructure

HPE and vendor completed their work timely, they involved us in the activity which they performed so that we understand the technology and the process in better manner.

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

Exceptional at what it does, but need to learn to play with others

Not easy to tie into other GUI based management systems, or provide a single dashboard for exec. Control over the HPE Blade is exceptional and monitoring is very good. Could do with API for integration to service desk and warning systems.

HPE OneView

If a self installer, take the OneView course first, then install.

Great product. I installed OneView before an HPE official training so the implementation was more difficult than it needed to be. After taking the OneView 3.0 class it's pretty clear how the installation should have gone.

HPE OneView

Implementation was simple, as it was a virtual appliance.

This was a good upgrade from the older System Insight Manager software

HPE OneView

Not quite Enterprise yet

The vendor is good, the product was released too early. More development is required before this is an Enterprise grade tool.