Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE Hyper-converged Systems

Hyperconverged virtual server environment with business continuity capabilities

Everything went well with the installation and go live, except that we had intended to have a stretch clustered environment (two servers in one location connected via fiber to two servers in another location 15 miles away for business continuity) and HPE was not ready for us to implement as stretch cluster. Therefore all four servers went live in one facility, and now we have another project to relocate two servers to that second location.

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

The implementation went very smoothly throughout the implementation phases

We had good working with the vendor which included several proof-of-concept setups and also running benchmarks

HPE BladeSystem

Implementation was easy but pricing is always higher than others

We have been working with HP for many years and I am satisfy with the hardware performace.

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

HP has great support people.

Working with 3rd party vendor for presentation of solution and main project leader to project with HP, then worked with HP support installation team. Worked well together and HP was very flexible with changes and explaining every step.

HPE ConvergedSystem

Easy implementation, well planned out.

Everything went swimmingly. One drive was bad out of the box out of 30.

HPE BladeSystem

Easy implementation, better performance, less wiring

Everything worked correctly the first time and did not have to go back to re-configure anything.

HPE ConvergedSystem

Reallocation of resources

We wanted to get out of the business of managing infrastructure and these technology allowed us to get out of the compute, server, virtualization, and network pieces of things.

HPE BladeSystem

implementation is relatively easy and well established industry standard

great experince - this time and previous - we depend on HP as valued hardware/software provider

HPE BladeSystem, HPE OneView

Implementation was easy & for monitoring the solution is great. OveView 3 will be better.

We had a very good technical engagement with HP incuding access to a beta version prior to the live implementation. Ongoing support during the implementation from the same technical team to answer queries and provide further guidance in the run up to OneView 3.

HPE OneView

Easy to use. Menu system was very intuitive

No problems at all. Everything has run smoothly