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Nutanix Acropolis, Other...

Nutanic CE provides unbelievable value for the cost of mostly just hardware

As we are working with the CE version on Supermicro hardware, we don't have direct support access. The forums are well moderated and issues are responded to quickly. We ran into issues with compiling/installing our own 10Gbe NIC drivers but we got it sorted on our own after a while. We are using hardware that fully conforms to what would be expected in a full CE deployment. As a side point, the most recent versions support the 10GbE NICs out of the box. We used both the USB boot and the local SATA-DOM install and found the SATA-DOM install to be most preferrable for performance of boot and upgrades. Sadly the "1-click" upgrades cause your VMs to be shutdown hard instead of failed over and we ad more than one VM that we had to restore from snapshots. In my opinion, this basically makes 1-click turn into MANY clicks as you fix your VMs and recover from evrythin being down. On that note, the snapshot functions worked very well and lightning fast! I suspect the bundled version with Nutanix hardware/software may not suffer from this issue. We also ran into issues on one upgrade that caused us to have to run through many steps to get the cluster back online. Fortunately the system mostly healed itself.

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (NX Series)

Easy implementation and monitoring

Nutanix is amazingly easy to deploy and manage reducing our capex and opex at the same time

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (NX Series)

IT Infrastructure Easy Button

Outstanding vendor and product. Delivered what we asked for at a great price point. Nutanix is amazingly easy to deploy and manage reducing our capex and opex at the same time.

Nutanix Acropolis

Datacenter Evolution

Nutanix has been an amazing experience, really brought the datacenter infraestructure to a new age. Easy, fast and with easy use, the guys at Nutanix designed the future. Is amazing what the guys keep coming out with on every update.

Nutanix Prism

Easy implementation

I really had a very good experience with using PRISM,the most important part is everything from a central console and alerting is also very impressive

Nutanix Prism, Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (NX Series)

Up and running within a day, handles any workload we have placed on it, 100% uptime so far

Overall the Nutanix NX platform has allowed us to keep pace with a very large and unpredictable project. I do not believe we could have been as agile with our traditional SAN and compute vendors. The implementation for our VDI and ALL server virtualization has allowed our virtulization and storage administrators to step back from managing hardware and move towards more business value driven tasks.

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (NX Series)

Nutanix solution NX-3000 easy to implement and deploy

Great product for hyperconverged technology that provides consolidated solution for Compute, Networks and Storage into one box. It works great with Cisco Compute Servers.

Nutanix Acropolis, Nutanix Prism

Implementation is easy and the vendor great to work with.

The vendor has been great to work with and very responsive to the needs of our organization. Implementation was painless and I have loved how easy it is to do upgrades on the product AND the virtual environment.

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (NX Series)

Paid for itself in performance gains!

We moved an existing worklload that was running on a top level EMC SAN solution. With some support from Nutanix support (which, BTW is amazing) a little bit of tweaking in the database, we were able to increase our database (and therefore our database-driven applications) by a lot. Our users were so impressed that their day isn't spent waiting for stuff to happen. Paid for itself not only in hosting this solution, but in saved time!

Nutanix Prism, Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (NX Series)

Thought we bought some hardware, ended up buying a private cloud.

Nutanix has been a great success within our organization. The simplicity and scalability were key in our decision making and were delivered upon fully. And it just keeps getting better. We were looking to buy hardware from Nutanix, but they are a software company in reality. Our platform is constantly evolving from an alternative to three-tier architecture towards a fully functional private cloud in-a-box. We were not counting on all the extra features we get with each release (included with our support contract).