3.9 out of 5 (24 Ratings)

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Exadata, Oracle SuperCluster

Ease of implementation needs improving but the overall delivered a relaible platform

Although the Sales team will provide a good pitch on ease of implementation we have had some issues with the engineering teams delivering on all the promises and we have had issues with the platform stability and quality during the Build phase. However one these have been built and commissioned they have since proven to be very reliable.


0-60 in 3.x seconds flat

Fast implemenation. Once network and power considerations were covered, it was extremely fast to begin migration.


Oracle Exadata Performs as Advertised but with Poor Patching Support

Overall, the Exadata performed as advertised. Patching by Oracle Support, however, was very lacking. Expertise was missing.

Exadata, Oracle Exalogic

Easy purchase, difficult implementation

Expectations were different for implementation than we experienced. Needed datacenter requirements were not clearly defined.


Implementation had a medium to high complexity, but the vendor provided a lot of support.

Both scalable in physical architecture and cost

Oracle Database Appliance

Implementation was extremely difficult

Sold as a turn key solution and the cost to implement were twice the cost of the purchased HW / SW.

Exadata, Oracle Database Appliance

Exadata to consolidate the lot of clusters and servers


Oracle Exalogic

Good service delivery within the time schedule

Delivery expected service.


smooth tranistion from x4 to x6 but the platform has its challenges.

smooth transition with the exception of some unusual hardware failures.


One stop for Integrated h/w, DB and OAM

We had an excellent and knowledgeable vendor to help us during the implementation.