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Scope was too large. Revised implementation was a great success

Engaging with a third party vendor to enhance our product knowledge has worked well. Initial size and scope of the first project rollout.


Appian Cloud Product.

Appian product is good for standalone BPM implementation, integrating with multiple enterprise systems is very hard and we have stretched the limits of the products. Entitlement management in Appian designer is very coarse grained.



Appian does enable the deployment of process improvements in very short timeframes.

Strong partnership with Appian, Appian vested in our success.


Simple development platform to solve complex business problems

The sales and relationship staff knew the product. They provided many WOW experiences during the onboarding process.


High Quality BPM for Driving Business Innovation.

Appian has been a very performant and reliable platform. It has enabled our developers to innovate business processes and our business sponsors are happy with all of the implementations. Overall both the platform and the vendor have been excellent to work with. I wish all of our vendors were as innovative, engaged, and consistent.


Appian brings a low-code approach to application development that is unmatched in BPM.

First and foremost the time to delivery for our initial set of applications was a big win for my team and our leadership. We were able to show value within months of purchasing our cloud licenses. Furthermore, the time in which our internal developers were able to start building applications on their own was orders of magnitude faster than any previous experiences I have had with low-code solutions.