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BP Logix Cloud BPM, BP Logix Process Director

BP Logix - BPM, Workflow, Process Improvement, Collaboration should be this easy!!

Our experience with BP Logix and Process Director Cloud is near perfect. We were sun setting a home grown app in late 2011 and also looking to automate a 2nd app. We were hoping there was something off-the-shelf that would embrace the business processes underlying both our capital and major expenditures, along with an electronic approval process– and would integrate with our financial management, ERP and other packaged applications. After reviewing 17 vendor products and demos of 4 products we chose BP Logix Process Director / Cloud Edition. Process Director has significantly increased our turnaround time for obtaining approvals and delivering orders to our vendors. It has also enabled us to have a single repository for tracking of disposed, sold or transferred assets. The underlying automated workflow allows us to engage our internal operations faster and capture relevant information that can be viewed by all in the approval workflow. We were very pleased with the efficiencies achieved from the very beginning of the Process Director deployment which took less than 2 months. Within the first month, our management realized how much more Process Director could do than they initially thought and expanded it to automate purchase orders, and to streamline asset retention and disposition. Subsequently, we also developed and managed our IT and Facilities contract management processes under Process Director. Process Director has opened the lines of communication between IT, Legal, Facilities, Operations and Finance, improving collaboration and providing greater access to documents and forms. Soon we will be expanding our usage of Process Director to incorporate corporate wide Vendor Risk Management processes. We are completely satisfied with BP Logix!

BP Logix Process Director

Business Process Transformation

I implemented Process Director in order to create a claims fulfillment process. We have managed to reap exceptional results over the last year. The forms front end, innovative introduction of the timeline process designer (as opposed to only a visio type designer), predictive analysis on bottlenecks, and ease of integrating other software solutions, makes this solution very powerful.

BP Logix Process Director

BP Logix is a great BPM platform to embed in your proprietary solution.

From the product research to the pre-sales and all the way to implementation, BP Logix been great assistance, always there to answer any questions and resolve any issues, never pushy and always very focus on providing the best service. We wanted a product that was developer friendly to develop our internal application around it, In the finish application the actual end user does not know that is working with BP Logix, it is 100% embedded in our solution and that was a very most important feature we were looking when looking for the ideal BP Platform for our project.