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Blueworks Live

Implementation easy, but required additional internal work

The standard approach for training and technical support. We had to develop and customize most of the training internally.

IBM Business Process Manager

IBM puts together Lombardi and their legacy BPM product to come out with a winner.

IBM Business Process Management Product has benefited greatly from the acquisition of a Lombardi, an industry leading BPM product which specialized in Human workflow oriented business processes. Furthermore IBM had their own legacy BPM product which was pretty strong on the back end integration and process orchestration front. Over the years, IBM has merged the stronger aspects of both products and have come out with an overall winner.

Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Advanced

IBM ODM for Gov Clients

IBM Sales Engineers were with you until the transaction occurs and then they try to pawn off any further support to a 3rd Party Systems Integrator. That was also the case with any ODM training we needed.

Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Advanced

Easy to implement

Product was very easy to use and integration was key with existing process thruogh rest interface.

IBM Business Process Manager

Upgrade of existing WPS architecture - implementation was relatively smooth.

Implementation is complete and we are just starting to roll out. Since this is an upgrade, we don't expect there to be many issues.

IBM Business Process Manager

Difficult implementation, features not all that they seem, integration challenges

Complex product to implement, did not integrate well with existing technology infrastructure.

IBM Business Process Manager

Overcoming Integration issues and ensuring product performance as required is not easy.

Always received good support from IBM license management team.

IBM Business Process Manager

Enterprise Capable Product, Delivers Values, Always Works.

Be it a small (thousands of pages) or large app (millions of pages), the docs are retrieved within 5-10 secs. Any issue has been related to the suporting infrastruture, not the ECM product. As a result, ECM is bringing value to the user community.

IBM Business Process Manager

Great solution if you are willing to leverage a service integrator to accomplish objective

Product is very robust and capable, but requires experts and a strong team to execute/implement. Solution was more complex than initially understood or anticipated for business and we have not yet realized the business flexibility we are hoping for.

IBM Business Process Manager

Getting benefits but select an experienced implementor and third party support provider

Generally Satisfied.