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Blueworks Live

Excellent for Business Process Modeling

We used Blueworks for business modelling and for that use case, it was an excellent tool. Very easy to create models, and to collaborate with business. The integration with Process Manager left a lot to be desired, but the initial modeling could be done very effectively with Blueworks.

Blueworks Live

Implementation is easy since it's on cloud, cost is based on number of users

Technology & Business (internal) users are using this product, we use blueworks live new process flows, in many cases this helped us to give a clear picture on how the process look like and acceptable to all stakeholders.

Business Monitor, IBM Business Process Manager

good performance higher expenses

insurance experience was not the expected

IBM Business Process Manager

Upgrade of existing WPS architecture - implementation was relatively smooth.

Implementation is complete and we are just starting to roll out. Since this is an upgrade, we don't expect there to be many issues.

Business Monitor, IBM Business Process Manager

Implementation was problematic and complex. Bad UX.

We had implementation issues and 3rd party issues. We also had big expectations that were not fulfilled and had a lot of issues with support.

Blueworks Live

Good tool, high invetment, no high return

This is a good tool but takes big investment and doesn't make it easy to share and abstract work processes in other formats.

Blueworks Live

Easy to learn the basics; not so easy for advanced or large models.

BlueworksLive has positives and negatives. The positive side is the integration with other IBM products, central repository for processes, and the adherence to BPMN notation. Since it enforces proper notation it is easy to rollout to inexperienced users. The negative side of the tool is that it seems to have a mind of its own regarding how to connect processes and it can be temperamental when you need to display a process in a certain way. Its connectors can be confusing.

IBM Business Process Manager

Difficult implementation, features not all that they seem, integration challenges

Complex product to implement, did not integrate well with existing technology infrastructure.

Blueworks Live, IBM Business Process Manager, Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Advanced, Other...

Implementation was somewhat challenging but was able to go-live with IBM support

Overall experience was good. We were able to deliver better business outcome using IBM ODM, BPM.

Blueworks Live

Great product to facilitate stakeholder corporation on requirement discovery.

Ease of use.