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webMethods Integration Platform

Implementation was successful even with a large, complex integration environment.

The upgrade from v7.2 to v9.7 of approximately multiple Integration Servers, Broker Servers, Trading Networks, BAM, MWS went very smoothly with little disruption to the business. We started to implement webMethods Active Transfer Server as part of the project but elected to make it a separate project due to the complexity and lack of maturity of ATS at that time.

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Needs Strong Expertise and Adoption Support to be of value

Proven technology in the capture of process relative to BPA capabilities. Love the DB capabilities and reporting on process. Feature rich which is both a pro and a con; the pro being that there is a lot of features that can be leveraged along the maturity journey. The con being that it is fairly easy to misuse the aspects of the tool.

ARIS, Software AG Aris

Easy implementation but needs lot of resources

The experience was overall great, but the product uses so much of resources on the server, that is a bit of concern. Our installation needs 16GB ram to support 10 Architect users. That is somewhat much more than we anticipated.