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AMX BusinessWorks

TIBCO Business Works 6

Matured product and vendor support is good

AMX BPM Spotfire

Thinking outside the box

Ability to bridge between simple analysis and analytics to help show teams the possibilities.


Implementation was straight forward for complex solutions.

Working with the vendor was overall a positive experience. Some aspects of configuration or domain knowledge transfer took longer than expected, however, in the end, a viable solution was created.

AMX BusinessWorks, Other...

Implementation was easy with a strong strategy and a good team

Robust product functionalities, ease of use, excellent customer support. Needed a product that was mature on the market and had plans to adopt with the latest digital integration trends. Transitioning from BW 5 to BW 6 requires a new mindset as the product architecture has changed underneath. Management needs to understand that there is no simple upgrade. But the benefits of upgrading is definitely worth it.


AMX BusinessWorks

Implementation is easy, but need to vet the use case

The product performance varies based on the specific adapters used. There were some issues with the Sybase adapter.

AMX BusinessWorks

TIBCO Help create good customer exprience

TIBCO came in as game changer and help us implement the unique solution to not only increase our operation effciency but also help us create better customer exprience for our customers.

AMX BusinessWorks

Implementation support and ease of use

Implementation as a whole

AMX BusinessWorks, BusinessEvents, TIBCO Business Studio, Other...

TIBCO Implementation went smoothly with some minor hiccups

TIBCO provided us with strong Architecture and Implementation Support

AMX BusinessWorks, TIBCO ActiveMatrix (AMX) BPM

Performance issues with the product

We have difficulty using the product and it is missing a lot of features for our usecases. We also got some performance issues with the product.

TIBCO Business Studio

Tibco Business Studio - Hybris Integration and portability

Product adoption falls into long term Hybrid integration platform strategy providing seamless Builds across Cloud and Onpremis deployments