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What are Intranet Packaged Solutions?

An intranet packaged solution (IPS) is an off-the-shelf collection of intranet services, built to deliver an out-of-the-box intranet experience. It is typically deployed in conjunction with a cloud office, but it may also be the genesis of a platform for the digital workplace.

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"The best out of the box intranet solution available"

Simpplr is by far the best Intranet available on the market. We did significant research, looked and at multiple vendors and our decision to go with Simpplr is one that I have no regrets about. The implementation was excellent with us launched our Intranet with 14 days of signing the contract. The implementation team is second to none, very organised, and their efforts helped us work towards the rapid but successful deployment to the organisation. Whilst Simpplr does not do everything we could possibly want to do, what it does do, it does very well and is easy to manage. In the past systems like an intranet or website would require time, resources and a lot of effort to manage in the backend. With Simpplr this is not the case, your team can spend time writing and managing content which is what intranets should be all about. The user experience is also fantastic with a seamless, easy to navigate interface that's neat and tidy. This means its easy and intuitive for our staff to use which has helped to increase adoption and engagement on our intranet. I would highly recommend Simpplr to any company of any size, especially if you just want something that works from the get go.

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