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An overall great IPS which was easy to install, simple to manage, and performs as needed.

We have a great relationship with Cisco. Their account reps are always engaged and looking out for us to ensure we are getting the most out of our products. Their level of support is excellent and responsive, with short turnaround times and tailored problem solutions. If there is one negative thing I'd have to say is that they tend to oversell their products and services, but that is not really a bad thing, as it's just the nature of the business.


Was apprehensive with the merger (Sourcefire -> Cisco) but pleasantly surprised so far

We were previous Sourcefire customers and a little apprehensive when they were acquired by Cisco "a big fish". Our networking group had an excellent working relationship with them so we jumped in. While sometimes we have to get bounced around to get an answer our overall experience has been very positive. All the components of the original software have been retained over several upgrades, excellent new features have been added and our experience with Cisco TAC has been good. Better now that they are post-merger by a year or two and they have integrated the Sourcefire team into TAC. Now that the software is baked into Cisco's ASA-X line we're really happy we made the jump and it will save us $ in the long term.


Cisco in the Data Center

Our main infrastructure is Cisco.


FirePower looks like a winner, Cisco Support looks like a loser.

Firepower is a cost effective and powerful IPS. The new 6.1 code was too buggy to use, and the licensing is a nightmare to change to the stable 5.4 code. Took Cisco over a month to change licenses from 6.1 to 5.4 version.

Virtual Next-Generation IPS (NGIPSv) for VMware

Use an expert third party for implementation

The product is good but there are some bugs. Support from Cisco was spotty at best.


integation is key

great integration with other cisco security solutions


Cisco's Product Implementation and Dedication to Customer Success Reason to Buy Firepower

We developed a close relationship with the vendor early on. This was initially Sourcefire. We were able to maintain a good relationship with them through the acquisition through Cisco. The implementation of the initial IDP deployment went well and we used Sourcefire professional services. We were able to leverage new technology such as FireAMP (Cisco AMP) as well as the Firepower NGFW/IPS in blocking mode while working closely with Sourcefire/Cisco. The tight integration between products makes allows for better security insight.


Implementation is easy whereas customization and tuning the solution can be challenging.

Vendor has been very proactive in maintaining a positive relationship. The product differentiator for us is the ability to deploy custom rules based on SNORT. However, the GUI is pretty dated and we have had some support requests that have taken longer to resolve than we would like. This is mainly due to the service level (Bronze) we currently have with the vendor.


Implementation was easy, but version 6 does not currently support HA.

SourceFire was easy to implement. I wish I had known that version 6 does not yet support HA. SourceFire is a solid IDS solution.


Implementation was straightforward. Took some support to learn the features.

Vendor sold us support to assist with the installation which went well. We used them for the more difficult aspects along with some OJT.