FireEye (Mandiant)

4.6 out of 5.0 (12 ratings)
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FireEye NX

FireEye NX responds quickly and doesn't cry wolf!

Very low false positive detection. The system responds very quickly to threats. We had an issue with some alert emails being delayed. This has been resolved with a standard update and did not impact the basic function of the system.

FireEye NX

FireEye is worth the investment

Easy to add to the envirionment. Setup/Configuration is straight forward. Tecnical support team members are always there 24/7 when you need them.

FireEye NX

A necessary piece of the security strategy which now lags behind competitors

Product is easy to use and has provided value over the years that traditional firewalls and IPS systems do not. Unfortunately, the NX platform has been surpassed by other competiting products and does not lead the pack. Installation and maintenance has been straightforward, including patches, OS upgrades and guest image updates. Central Management reporting and alerting could be improved.

FireEye NX

Installation was easy, had a little trouble with updates

We ran into a few problems with troubleshooting intial installation and alerts. The tech support was very knowledgealbe and helpful in getting us over the problems we encountered.


It was easy to prove the delivered value of the product in our environment.

Easy implementation, ease of measure of performance.

FireEye MVX-IPS, Other...

FireEye EX and NX, the additional safety net.

Great customer service. Product use was easy to grasp.

FireEye MVX-IPS, FireEye NX

FireEye NX Enterprise implementation.

Put system in line for 6 months in monitor only mode and was able to identify false positives and whitelist any critical systems before putting the system into active blocking mode. No major issues since put into active blocking mode.


A Must-Have product.

Superior support, the product delivers on its promises and has successfully blocked or alerted us to events that were missed by all other lines of defenses.


Great product. Delivers what they market.

The planning, deployment, and management of the tool were fairly easy when we worked with the vendor. We like the integration with our SEIM tool and other log points. It has been a great help with the visibility throughout our network.


Implementation was easy and management is a breeze.

The implementation of the NX appliance and the TAP cloud collectors was very simple and did not take much resources.