Intel Security (McAfee)

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Network Security Platform (NSP)

Good technology with easy implementation and management

Professional services are very good. Project managers are very hepfull to move internally the problems the the customer support must be improved

McAfee Network Security Platform

Implementation troublesome, but once in place works good

Difficulty in defining parameters - integration with other products was sometimes troublesome. Once everything was in place and defined - no mjaor issues with the product

McAfee Network Security Platform, Other...

Security Systems Integration

Easy to deploy we have had internal issues where the traditional IT Networking teams are untrusting of the new technology flagging it as potential issues for every hiccup or outage at the permit

McAfee Network Security Platform

Easy implementation and integration with other toolsets is great.

Support has been great, integrations with other platforms to automate blocking while out-of-line has worked even better.

McAfee Network Security Platform

Ease of deployment and management

Ease of deployment and management