Juniper Networks

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SRX Series

We have expertise to help us implement the use of the product to its full potential

It was easy since all of our LAN/WAN gears are Juniper

SRX Series

Think twice before chosing the SRX

So far there have been some weird stabulity issues with the Underlying OS. We are now starting to consider a possible replacment to another product in 2017.

SRX Series

Business value plus security

Juniper SRX firewall systems have proven to not only keep our environments secure, but has also driven considerable business value.

SRX Series

Easy Implementation, straightforward management.

THe SRX has been performing flawlessly. Implementation was straightforward and management of the device has been simple.

SRX Series

Implementation is very easy because we have been used this vendor for a long time.

There always are issues with all vendors. But these have less than the others.