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Microsoft Project Online,Microsoft Project Server 2010

Tough Implementation

This is still a tough tool to implement, but when it is implemented correctly, the overall result is satisfactory.

Microsoft Project Server 2010

Make sure users have support on using the tool.

Wasn't involved in implementation but have found system use requires education and knowledge of how to use the system. Additionally, system performance is slow and the system hat to be highly customized to meet organizational needs.

Microsoft Project Online

Very easy to implement, workflows are a bit of a challenge unless you know SharePoint

Microsoft has very strong partners in Portfolio, Program and Project management. We implemented and have maintained an enterprise tool with a very small core team and one principal consultant. Project Online and Project Web App are very intuitive, easy to navigate and configure to meet your process needs.

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Implementation would have been faster with a third-party with a "jump start" configuration

Microsoft Project Server is a wide open platform; Your project management business processes should be decided, and then they can be configured. It is useful to have a "jump start" configuration package to get started, otherwise, we could see that there were a lot of side discussions that could be had concerning PM processes and how to handle them in the tool. When selecting a third-party vendor to help with the implementation, we felt that selecting one that had a jump-start configuration package with some pre-packaged reporting was helpful in getting started. The third-party vendor that we selected did NOT have that, and we wished we had gone with a vendor that had. Also, we attempted to integrate MS Project Server with our ERP and Work Management systems. These integration efforts have not been viewed as successful so far, and also have failed to provide the organization with the anticipated value.

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Implementation went well -

product has a rich set of features. consistent adoption is always a challenge across teams

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Microsoft Project Server delivers solid performance and met our needs

Generally everyone on the project team feel that Microsoft gives us a good-quality product for the money.

Microsoft Project Online

Implementation was Easy

Tool was implemented to help with time tracking and making resource delegations for projects and other tasks. Our administrator has been able to get the appropriate information needed to support the organization when issues arise.

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Great product, exceptional knowledgebase; Reduce release time of new functionality

The base product was easy to install with little to no support. Microsoft has a great knowledge base to leverage for questions before having to contact them directly. We did encounter hiccups with installing and implementing additonal service plug-ins for the on-premise version. Took many hours and numerous call to Microsoft to determine the root cause and correction steps. As for the product itself, capabilities have definitely been improved from previous versions but there's still work to be done. Implementation of releases for on-prem versions need to be made avaiable more quickly as well.

Microsoft Project Online

Powerful combination of project management and collaboration

Microsoft Project Server is a solid platform for managing projects. Some of their newer resource management features are very powerful but still need some additional features. The linkage to SharePoint to provide collaboration and the future ability to use PowerBI for reporting are critically important. Need more data available for reporting as not all information is available.

Microsoft Project Online

Easy operation and maintenance.

Most functions worked well, except formating has age old issue with this software