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Microsoft Project Server 2013

Integration of MS-Project 2013 and CA

The software installation went well but its integration with CA was challenging. We had many problems with XML error

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Easy Implementation, roll out, and integration. Expanding use to Portfolio Management.

We implemented our solution in the midst of Microsoft's transition from on-premise to cloud-based Project. At the time, all of our Microsoft software was on-premise/server-client based. This made the decision to go with the on-premise option the obvious choice as it would integrate with Exchange, Office, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation which was greatly desired. This integrated functionality has allowed us to streamline our software development, management and support activities with a reduction in issue resolution times by 30% across the enterprise.

Microsoft Project Server 2013

MS Project 2013 is easy to use.

I love using MS Project 2013.

Microsoft Project Server 2010

Reliable project management

We have implemented many Microsoft technologies and have the educational discount so it was very cheap for us to manage and centralize projects using ms project. Everything was pretty straight forward installing and maintaining. We only had one issue.

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Just enough to get by. Not robust enough to drive change.

Latency. Resource Mgmt is painful....

Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Project Server 2010

Tough Implementation

This is still a tough tool to implement, but when it is implemented correctly, the overall result is satisfactory.

Microsoft Project Server 2010

Make sure users have support on using the tool.

Wasn't involved in implementation but have found system use requires education and knowledge of how to use the system. Additionally, system performance is slow and the system hat to be highly customized to meet organizational needs.

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Implementation would have been faster with a third-party with a "jump start" configuration

Microsoft Project Server is a wide open platform; Your project management business processes should be decided, and then they can be configured. It is useful to have a "jump start" configuration package to get started, otherwise, we could see that there were a lot of side discussions that could be had concerning PM processes and how to handle them in the tool. When selecting a third-party vendor to help with the implementation, we felt that selecting one that had a jump-start configuration package with some pre-packaged reporting was helpful in getting started. The third-party vendor that we selected did NOT have that, and we wished we had gone with a vendor that had. Also, we attempted to integrate MS Project Server with our ERP and Work Management systems. These integration efforts have not been viewed as successful so far, and also have failed to provide the organization with the anticipated value.

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Implementation went well -

product has a rich set of features. consistent adoption is always a challenge across teams

Microsoft Project Server 2013

Microsoft Project Server delivers solid performance and met our needs

Generally everyone on the project team feel that Microsoft gives us a good-quality product for the money.